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Real Broadband Essentials Review

Real Broadband Essentials with McAfee Antivirus

Real took a unique approach with their complete security bundle. As opposed to the other software reviewed, Broadband Essetials decided to take the best security software from different developers and package it in a single subscription based service.

For online protection, McAfee's antivirus and firewall software is included which scores on par with ESET and Norton, however slightly lower than Kaspersky's stand alone antivirus. This is easily made up with $1,000 identity theft protection and recovery service, parental control by the leading name in the industry (Net Nanny), and System Mechanic which is the leader and best selling PC tune-up software keeping your computer running smoothly.

Our reviewers felt there was room for improvement with ease of use however as each individual software needs to be installed separately and there lacks a centralized program to control them all together. This aside, the install is well worth the time considering the quality of each individual software and overall protection the service offers which is currently unmatched by any other bundle in our opinion. Read Full Review

Real Broadband Essentials Score

Real Broadband Essentials

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Norton 360 Version 3.0 Review

Norton 360 Version 3

The 'all in one' and most complete security solution from Norton comes at a close second. Its strong point is its antivirus feature and value as the software includes 3 licenses for you to protect up to 3 household computers while some of the stand alone antivirus would be more expensive for anyone with multiple PC's and would only come with a small fraction of the features included in this bundle.

Their antivirus detected and removed the highest percentage of viruses from the software reviewed with the most frequent virus definition updates at every 5-15 minutes. Their spyware however fell a little short next to Kaspersky, and their spam filter still needs a little work as tests showed it to let a few more spam messages through while blocking a few legit emails.

Norton packs this bundle with back up / restore features, parental controls, and a PC tune-up feature which provide a quality security, but simply can not compare to the protection provided by the individual software included in Real's bundle.

We consider Norton as a cost effective, reliable choice for a complete security bundle. Read Full Review

Norton 360 Version 3 Score

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Kaspersky Antivirus 2010 Review

Kaspersky Antivirus 2010

Our top recommended antivirus software and for good reason. Kaspersky’s latest version has one of the highest virus detection and removal rates surpassed only slightly by Norton which they make up easily with a much more effective anti-spyware feature..

Their latest version has great design improvements catering to the first time users while still satisfying the more tech savvy who enjoy control and being able to tweek every option.

The only area our reviewers felt room for improvement was with the software’s scan speed as full scans use up quite a lot of resources so you may notice a performance change if attempting to use your PC normally during a full scan. If this is a factor, you may be better off with Eset or Panda’s antivirus which are more transparent, however if this is not a factor, the quality of this software and added protection of a firewall may be worth letting it take it’s time to do the job right.

We strongly recommend Kaspersky’s latest Antivirus 9.0 to anyone looking for a reliable antivirus software. Read Full Review

Kaspersky Score

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Norton Antivirus 2010 Review

Norton Antivirus 2010

Norton comes in as a close second with a few pros and cons to consider.

Having the most frequent virus definition updates at anywhere between 5-15 minutes gives them the quickest response time, detecting and removing the latest threats earlier than the other software reviewed.

Tests show Norton to have the highest virus detection and removal rate while scans were transparent enough to let our reviewers perform every day activities (ie: using Microsoft Office, Word, Excel) without a noticeable performance change unlike Kaspersky's latest software.

There is some room for improvement with their anti-spyware feature however as it scored lower than Kaspersky’s. Also, for anyone with more than one PC, an economical choice would be their more complete security bundle Norton 360 as it would be less expensive with a total of 3 licenses included for 3 separate PC's. This aside, our reviewers found Norton to be a highly reliable and very efficient antivirus. Read Full Review

Norton Antivirus 2010 Score

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ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 Review

ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4

Our reviewers were most impressed by how transparent ESET was able to make their virus scan work. We all have been there trying to work while scanning your computer and having everything you do take 3 times longer. This software however uses very little memory and resources during even a full scan so with most PC’s, you should still be able to run basic programs from Office for example and browse the internet while scanning your PC without seeing a real slow down in performance.

There’s room for improvement with the user friendliness of the interface however as it seems geared to a more tech savvy audience using many technical terms a first time anti-virus software user may not be as familiar with. A good idea may be to take a quick look at their FAQ before using it to understand each component of the software a little better.

That aside, the actual virus and spyware scanner scored above average and is overall very reliable. Read Full Review

Eset NOD 32 Score

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Panda Antivirus Pro 2010

Panda Antivirus Pro 2010

The strong point of this software is its lengthy list of features. While every other software reviewed keep some features for larger, more complete internet security bundles, Panda puts all of the necessary antivirus features and much more into their stand-alone antivirus which includes a firewall and email protection feature for both POP3 and web based email such as Hotmail and Yahoo!.

Our reviewers felt they could still use a little work on their user firendliness however, and unfortunately, in independant testing, their virus scans scored the lowest in the pack when comparing to the above software.

For anyone looking to protect up to 3 PC's and feel the added features with Panda are important factors, this may be a good economical choice as the cost is relatively low compared to Norton's larger bundle for example, however we have a hard time overlooking its low virus detection and removal rate in comparison to the above software. We suggest taking the time to read our complete reviews before making a choice. Read Full Review

Panda Antivirus 2010 Score

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Buy Norton Antivirus 11 for MAC

Buy Mac Antivirus from Norton

Norton Antivirus 11 for MAC - Short Review

Originally, we associated viruses and computer threats with PC computers as they have been used by the majority of the population however the growing popularity and overall Mac users keeps making the platform more and more appealing to virus developers as they now having a substantial pool of users to target which seems to keep growing exponentially. This is where Norton comes in with their latest antivirus for Mac.

Our reviewers found Norton’s Antivirus 11 for Mac to provide an ideal security solution for Mac users. The software successfully provides protection against viruses and internet worms, automatically detecting and removing threats. Our reviewers found the software to be very transparent, running in the background without using a lot of resources so you can work normally without a noticeable change in performance while being protected against any threats.

For now, Norton is our only recommended Mac antivirus software though we are currently in the process of reviewing a few others which will be added in the coming weeks.

Norton Mac Score

Antivirus Review : Criteria


Types of Security:

We review a range of security products from basic stand alone antivirus software to complete bundles which can include high quality maintenance features and even identity theft protection. We categorize each product as providing one of the following:

  1. Complete Security
  2. Antivurs Security
The quickest way to get an idea of the difference between each is by visiting our comparison chart where you can see each product side by side along with their security features. In brief however, the difference between each protection category comes down to the overall features and protection included from these top antivirus software:
Complete Security

Consider these 'all in one' solutions and our top recommendation for anyone looking for peace of mind with their computer's security and performance. Typically, these products have a lengthy list of features including everything an antivirus security product offers with a few key additions:

  1. Anti-Virus
  2. Anti-Spyware
  3. Anti-Spam
  4. Anti-Phishing
  5. Anti-Rootkit
  6. Complete Email Protection
  7. Firewall
  8. Parental Controls
  9. Identity Theft Protection
  10. Quality Tune Up Utilities
  11. Back Up / Restore Feature
If some of these features are unwanted, perhaps a stand alone antivirus software is a better fit for your needs.
Antivirus Security

These top antivirus software products will protect you from the most common online threats which is the bare minimum security we recommend any computer have. Typically, these products will include:

  1. Anti-Virus
  2. Anti-Spyware
  3. Anti-Phishing
  4. Anti-Rootkit

If you are surfing the web without a basic antivirus software or other type of security software, your computer may decrease in performance, even crash from time to time due to viruses and spyware which have become very common.

The security these products offer will give you piece of mind so if you are looking for a security software, be sure to take your time on our website and read our reviews thoroughly. If there's a quality security software that suites your needs, we reviewed it.

Best Antivirus Software Reviews : Criteria


Rating Critera:

We aim to provide the most complete and fair reviews to help you find the best antivirus software and security bundles for your needs. In order to assure this, we’ve devised a rating system which takes into account the following criteria:

  1. Customer Service
  2. Ease of Use
  3. Protection
  4. Features
  5. Cost
We feel a quality antivirus software and security software should excell in all of these areas.
Customer Service

If something goes wrong, you need to be able to resolve the issue quickly. Our reviewers take into consideration how many methods are available to reach the software’s technical support team and overall customer service quality through thorough testing.

Ease of Use

Our reviewers put themselves in the shoes of a beginner to see if the software is straight forward, simple to use, and simple to understand ideally without getting lost in pages of manuals.


For antivirus software, from independant testing and outsourced test results, our reviewers take into consideration the detection and removal rate of viruses and spyware, number of false positives, and how often virus defitinitions are updated. For complete security suites, additional points are awarded for additional quality security features provided.


Our reviewers will take a look at the features included with every software and award a high score to the ones that go beyond the bare minimum features in their category and in comparison to their competition.


Simply look at this rating for a quick idea of how the software is priced compared to both its competition and overall features included with the software.